Will I Be Able To Continue This Trust?

Its been a year i m married to a man i love though it was an arrange marriage but yesterday when he said he can't live without me now i was on cloud nine. I kept smiling the whole evening. it was actually he said anything like that by his own i cant even put to words what it was like i actually am full of tears while writing it.
i never thought that he'll ever be able to forget his first love and accept me, but he did :D he is my first love i always wanted to love someone after getting married to him it was actually my arena. i have fallen for him the very day i realized he respect me no less than himself. i started giving him roses, chocolates but more i expressed my love for him more he got irritated. it was than a day he told me all these things remind him of his cheater.
I stopped it though it made me feel bad that i wasn't allowed to know it before that day. he started trusting me.
it was really hard to make him trust me, i had to remind him from time to time that i m not going anywhere, will not leave him alone. he loves i know it actually i m into reading his diary but i have to he never is open to his feelings i don't know y but he is
Now we have been planning to go Nz for pr, we both have gr8 scope there.
but now he cant take me along he said so......
I know its hard for me, but its even harder for him i didn't let him know it, but am feeling bad. i m afraid that il have to start from scratch. What if he leaves and never return i want him to succeed but i m terrified.......will i be able to continue this trust?
vedanshi vedanshi
22-25, F
1 Response Jul 18, 2012

Come on, if he has to leave for his work, and if the financial constraints are such that he can't take you, how is he at fault? You must realize that all he does is for the mutual benefit of you both. Whatever his past love life might be, its past. To trust or not to depends on how much you love and respect him, no one can give you any advice on that.