Wishing My Husband Would See A Doctor

I have been with my husband over 10 years. Feels like a constant roller coaster and I feel as if I'm always walking on egg shells. He has never been diagnosed with BP because he refuses to go to a doctor but has admitted that he may need some meds. I have noticed some of his triggers, one being if he tells me to do something and for some reason I don't do it fast enough or at all for some reason, then he will flip. Things as simple as not turning on the radio fast enough he kicked over the barbeque pit after we just put charcoal in it. Some episodes are drastic some are mild but they are very often. He also has been out of work and going through depression. It weighs heavy on my shoulders as well since I'm trying to pay what bills we have with little salary and remodel a home because due to money circumstances we are living with my parents (for last 6 months), which isn't easy in itself. The mood swings are getting worse, and I tend to catch myself saying to him regularly " it's not that serious" or "why are you yelling" when he goes overboard over what I feel is something petty or little. Over the years I've seen him do real well at jobs because he is smart and a hard worker but have heard from other people that his moods or attitude has caused problems. Most everyone we know believes he's bipolar but the only one he really cares what thinks besides hisself is his mother, and she definetly doesn't believe her son has the disease. She tends to take his side on everything, no matter what it is. I know most mothers do that but I feel she just enables the behavior and I could really use her encouragement for him to seek help.Most family and friends have seen him go from laughing to manic anger right before their eyes. He also has his really highs, laughing, makes random noises sometimes, goofy, feels invincible and will be really focused on projects. His confidence can go from 10 to 0 in no time..which is happening alot with the out of work business. He also can be pretty harsh to me and it effects my self esteem.Makes me feel I do nothing right most the time. I feel like I'm at a loss. I need advice on how to be able to cope with the mood swings. I love him but the yelling and talking down to me or being down right hateful or disrespectful hurts. Im trying to understand how to either understand the episodes and be able to get thru them or somehow talk him into seeing a doctor..
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1 Response Dec 10, 2012

Oh my god, im going through the exact same thing. Ive been married for 7 years and we had a baby 9 months ago. He got worse. He trie to self medicate with alcohol and drugs. It makes him crazier. He has also beat me in the past. He went to jail acouple of times and the physical abuse stopped cause he was afraid of going back but now the verbal abuse has escalated. He thinks he is invincible and he doesnt sleep well. He hardly eats and he neglects the baby. Ive become ill myself. Im in a deep depression. I finally kicked him out cause he braught drugs home on new years eve. We are apart now but he still calls me and tries to break me down with all my faults. I do sleep better now without him here but its almost bittersweet cause i still love him. His mother is such an enabler. She sees no wrong in him but she has also been diagnosed with bp and she doesnt take meds. His brother has been diagnosed with full on skitzophrenia. Now im afraid for my daughter. Its genetic. I am trying to rebuild my life now but im certain he wont let it happen without a fight. Good luck to you. Youre in for the ride of your life.