I Am Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My unmedicated bipolar husband has been in Amsterdamn for work for a week and a half. Unfortunately for my small children and me he has not called nor Skyped (Skype account set up by him BPH before trip to stay in touch) Well, to say the least he was available to skype twice and he call his kids twice because I texted him to request this because kids are crying missing him. He is to arrive back home tomorrow and we have not heard a peep from him. TODAYI had this familiar pit in my stomach that he was doing something not cool. I was browsing Youtube today and logged into his account and low and behold found he had been watching videos prior to his trip about the Amsterdamn red light district, prostitution and bare naked *** chick clubs down there. Same thing happened one year into our marriage my BPH went to Las Vegas and endulged in the adult entertainment nightlife to put it lightly. I personally have had it! this is the last straw after 6 years of being ignored and put down by this man. I feel my spirit is dead and for my children I need to find my spirit again and this marriage is cancer. I have been in therapy alone for 2 years trying to stay on board trying to maintain understanding for my BPH but his refusal to come with me and stop his meds after 2 months is not ok he choses mania over his family.

Angar Angar
36-40, F
Dec 11, 2012