I found out over a year ago that my 25 yr common law spouse was bipolar. I don't mean to be cruel here but I can deal with the lows and depressed periods. When he gets manic I actually hate the man. We just bought out our business from our partner who had kicked my spouse out three years prior for his irrational spending of company funds. At that time I did not know my husband was bipolar. I payed a lot of money and took out loans to purchase the business 100% and let my husband back in. In less than 1 month he has managed to promise people thing that I know we can not live up too and spend over $7600 of the company's money.

We have a 23 yr old and a 6 yr old. Unfortunately the 23 yr old always sides with her father which develops fights between us. I myself have gone on a low dose of Paxil to help me deal with the situation as I am depressed do to it.

My spouse refuses to take conventional meds and doesnt believe in western medicine and has recently got his medical marihuana licence.

He is scattered and in denial and I don't know how to help. At this point I want him to move into our 23 yr olds new house however is that fair to her?
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