I Had To Have Him Comitted

Im so sad i just got back from the hospital and hes so mad at me i just spent 6 hours in the emergency room the night before because my husband went mad hatter crazy he was talking only in rhymes hiding my wallet and trying 2 jerk the wheel out of my hands and shift the gears on the way 2 there so now i have committed my husband of 5 yrs we've been 2gether 10 yrs he was always that funny quirky guy with really interesting ideas great stories and wrote beautiful music and sumtimes a little sadhe never been in anyway voilent or belittles me like i ve heard from some stories if anything he just seems to get very dependent the drs says hes in a manic period but i never seen him like this in 10 yrs and he never really was keen on medication he also has chronic regional pain syndrome  and doesnt take anything for that i mean it was 2 days i dealt with him being in this episode i was scared to leve him alone afraid 2 go 2 work that while i was away hed hurt himself now i go back 2 visit him tomorrow and im actually scared because i just want my other husband back i really love him i dont know what else 2 do

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My husband has also gone crazy this past month. He was always kinda quirky and strange but this past week I have seen some disturbing behavior.Saying things OVER AND OVER, being outraged at someone different all the time,grandiose bahvior, counting money over and over,spending all our money for the family,you name it.We have three kids together, all of them are great but one is a month old and he's hardly spent real time w/ him.My 12 and 8 year old are afraid of him now and the odd behavior When they used to think the world of him.He was a fantastic father :(.I am afraid he will do something crazy and hurtful in his mania,but I am afraid to have him committed because he will never forgive me. What if I make it worse?I am so scared for him and ourselves.I want my old husband back.

Hey hon... I know how hard it is to live with this.... Keep strong.. get yourself some health tonics.. i find ginseng, B vits and lots of good organic food helps.. :) Remember that you have to be well to be able to help him. I have been given some new information on Bipolar and when its researched more i will let you know. <br />
I personally have had moments with my husband that i felt like i needed him to be committed... but having taught him to calm the mind... and listen to a word we have chosen to help him recognize when he is being manic... or leading into a manic moment.. helped us bring him back to a normal state of mind... But if i hadn't been able to so this i too would have had to get him into hospital.. You did the right thing hon.. don't worry your man will be back soon. If you don't mind i will pray for you both.... but let me know first... :) xx<br />
I myself so appreciate what you are going through.. if you need help please just ask<br />
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biggest of happy loving hugs Mandy xx

This is a tragic situation for you both. Just remember that it is not your beloved husband who is mad at you - it is the disease he has making him say things like that.<br />
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Hopefully he will get the help he needs to cope with his condition and you can get your darling man back. . . . Mania is very frightening and I am amazed you managed to cope with it for 2 full days!! Wow! You must be one heck of a lady!!<br />
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Committing him was your ONLY choice - you could do nothing else at this stage. So please know that your actions were exactly right and that he really needs to be in hospital now.<br />
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Take some time for yourself - if you can, take a couple of days off work. You have been through a terrible ordeal and you are still coping with that whilst he is in hospital. Be kind to yourself and nurture yourself. You will need strength for the journey ahead.<br />
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{{{Hugs}}} from someone who knows how it feels.