I Am Bipolar To, Mildly...and My Spouse Has To Live With It...

;) I am a very mild form of Bipolar, the moods, emotions, lowend of the scale. I feel bad for my husband at times, he has to live through it when I have my bad days. I think he is bipolar as well, but he at times controls it better than me. There are days I cannot, I flip in and out of emotions so many times in a day, it gets a little heavy at times, it is maddening at times, feel like my head is going to explode, I just want to explode at times, and with him to, wow,

I have done the medications and all the crap that goes with it, give up on the ****, they make me worse!! and the therapists, what a waste of time they are. I can now tell how I am going to be the best of times. I focus into my self and can control most of my stuff. I have great friends next door who help me out as well

:/ It is hard living with a person who, a spouse who has Bi polar, not the easiest thing in the world, try and be supportive, give encouragment, do not make them feel like they are the monsters, or become combative with them.....

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1 Response Mar 7, 2010

How do you know you have bi-polar? I think my wife has something cos she can just flip and it can last days, sometimes weeks. It is like Jekyll and Hyde. I dread coming home when she is in one of her moods, she finds something wrong in everything I do. The to the outside world just says how good everything is.....I cannot weigh it up. She went completely ballistic last night while we were out for a meal....in public shouting, swearing, calling me all sorts, raking up things from years ago. We never actually got to eating...she just gulped down the wine and got more abusive and less coherent. Today I get a quick sorry and then it all gets brushed away until next time...probably within the week, definitely next time she is drunk and I am there.<br />
Would love for us to get help but even the suggestion would be red rag to a bull. She cannot see she had an issue....and I am left wondering what it is I do to cause this????<br />
Any advice would be gratefully received, after 2 years of this I wonder how I can keep taking the punishment and stop it affecting my sanity??<br />
Or am I just being over sensitive and selfish??? How do I get some help?