My Ode To Debt


Debt, appears everywhere, a poison in this world

Affects developed and developing in equal measure

Everyone seems to owe, but only a few, can accumulate

Great wealth, those who don’t have it also seek it’s treasure


Been programmed to want what the majority aint got

Using all the things, to pull all Joe Public’s strings

Hollywood, Sport, X Factor, you can live your dream

Even then, working for someone else’s cream


But at least those Joe Public’s, Joe Plumbers, whoever

Grafters; All work for a living, put in their shift

Unlike those Wall Street City bankers, pinstripe dazzles

Who have computers to do their thing; shame no thrift


And now everything’s messed up, some needed bailing out

The system’s not changed to prevent a life of excess

Banks are still making the same mistakes, seems like

The blind leading the blind, only one thing suffering: Mankind


Einstein insisted, different thinking required, if problems

persist in this world of ours. But can I ask you what has changed

in the last 200 years? You can tell the cast of this play, they

are the ones with the cash, the stock, the land, the range


Change is coming soon, your way, anyway, though this quiet

War we live through, that nobody sees, well certainly Joe Public

A battle between good and evil in this world and beyond, but Joe’s

watching too much trash tv, eating too much processed food, which


Blinds him to what’s going on, your side has been picked for you

Draw a government paycheck, in the army anywhere?

Your side has already been chosen, unless you really care

Damn right you should, your good book; love thy neighbour


Forgot about Joe the plumber, he’s working long hours just to survive

To feed his kids, to keep his life that he has become accustomed

Many more Joe’s in the west, as honest you would just never meet

But they graft for their crust, unlike button pressers of the city’s streets.


What qualifications does it need, press a button or two: Fruit Machine

But they gamble now with public funds, as they gambled with theirs and lost

How long will it take before they take their cap in their hands; back for more?

When they do, let them rot, take the pain, don’t be blackmailed again


Real life is real people, real animals, our physical world, not some computer

Game like monopoly, which takes tiny chunks of cash out, hoping nobody notices

It’s got to be rid of, if we are to have a prosperous future, cos it’s our money

They are stealing is not theirs, it’s sucking the people dry, in front of our eyes

41-45, M
Apr 29, 2010