Realizing Just How Awesome Mullets Can Be...!

After living in a very small pueblo in Spain for now nearly two months, I realize just how awesome a mullet can be. Haven't seen a real authentic one since I have been here and I kinda miss them; seeing one now would make me really feel at home. Daily, what I do see, and am not sure if I dig it or not, is men, and sometimes women, drinking a couple glasses of beer daily while smoking up a storm in the local cafés. One part of me is thinking, "Hmm, maybe I should partake," while another part is like, "I actually think it is just a little bit too early for that." So much of my life has changed in a short time, such as while living in the States, I hated coffee, literally all my life. I have always dug the smell, but not the taste, but suddently I an galavanting around like a true European, having occasional cafés con leche with some amigas here.

So, why am I here in Spain? Eighteen years ago I had a dream to immerse myself in the culture and language that I love. Finally, I got up the damn guts to quit that federal job I loved oh so much (can you sense the sarcasm here?), save up a bunch of money, rent out my house, and high-tail it to the old continent of Europe. I am immersed alright...nobody speaks English and it is great....and at times, it is really hard. But in the end, I always love a challenge, and I think after all this is over, the real challenge will have been not to get to know Spanish better, rather it will have been to get to know myself.
coachlaurie coachlaurie
31-35, F
Mar 21, 2007