I am a cross-dresser and 100% heterosexual male but like dressing up wearing womens clothing and putting on makeup. I have been doing this for as long as I remember. However I had never ventured out in public until recently!

I am 28 Yrs old now and I decided that I have to take my dressing out of the confines of my house. Its more like showing a part of me to the world which was fully hidden. I Started by dressing up in the morning. Wore Simple clothes but for women. I Wore Jeggins and a nice Chiffon top. I accessoried with simple neckless and hops to go on my ears. I did my make up, wore my cute Ballerinas and off I went driving my car. Now this was not as scary as i had imagined. I straight drove to the down town and parked my car in the next spot i found, Now it was time to get out of the car and walk. But I just could not get my courage up. I sat in my car mustering courage for an Hour after which the car was getting too warm to sit and So I finally decided to venture out. While I was walking on the street , I was trying to be as confident as I can be and Ignore all those who stared at me. Most women who looked at me didnt care and i was able to pass off as a women easily. It was only with men that i had problems. many men started at me as if i was an alien which to them may be I was?? LOL May be because men check out women I was being noticed more by them!!

However I kept walking and reached a local mall. I walked in the mall and had to go through the security. The lady didn't seem to care and checked my bag and allowed me inside. What i noticed was the male security kept away and only the women security checked me. SO here this was my real entry into the opposite sex!! Now no matter what I was perceived as a women!! I went into a store and was looking at the merchandise when I heard a voice from behind. "Can I help You Mam? " I turned around and the sales women did notice i was a man in women's clothing but didnt care less and kept referring to me as "mam" . I mustered further courage and walked into the Ladies section of the mall and to my surprise the sales lady was more than happy to help me find clothes. She kept bringing out these pretty dresses, frocks and gowns to show me and I was drooling over all those!! Then the unthinkable happened. She asked me "MAM WOULD U LIKE TO TRY THIS DRESS ON?"

Now let me tell you folks why I was surprised. Well in that particular store there is a strict policy for the trial rooms. A board hangs outside the entry to the trial rooms which says " NO MEN ALLOWED BEYOND THIS POINT " .I had been to that store earlier with my gf and I was not allowed beyond that point, there is a Lady security who stops any men so much as even peeping through the passage let alone entering. So coming back to today, I was actually Invited to try on the dresses and skirts. I held the dresses in my hand and walked in one of the trial rooms right past the lady security and wore the dresses.. I never knew how 2 Hrs went by, at the end of It I had ended up buying 4 Dresses and 2 pants!! At the billing counter the billing lady looked at me and was serious, I broke the ice by just saying "Hello" with a smile on my lipstick clad lips and she smiled back and soon we were doing small talk. I also asked here where the restroom was and she pointed out to the ladies toilet for me! Again a sign of acceptance into the opposite sex! However I didnt have the courage to go the the Ladies room!!! Do you think I Should have Gone?? Let me know.

However I continued with my shopping from shoes to jwellery and by the time i came home I was exhausted. I looked at myself in the mirror. And couldent believe that I had spent a day as the opposite sex! I totally enjoyed it and would love to do it again, But there is always a limit to how much I can shop So what Do I do next time i go out as a Girl in the Town? Your comments please!!!!
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It is amazing to get out, and even more so to be accepted. I adore shopping for heels, and have only once in countless times been told "the gentelmen's shoes are upstairs".
It does however make me a little sad to think, all these years of hiding, and why?
Oh and I did use the ladies restroom.