I Lived In 3 Different Countries

I was born in Kazakhstan (at the Russian border) but I still remember the house we used to live in and the friends I used to play with. My moms family was Russian and my dads family was German, when my dad's relatives started to move to Germany my dad decided to follow them. I was 6 years old when we moved. My had to leave her whole family behind.

I was too young to realize what happened so I didn't' miss Kazakhstan, I came into the 1st grade and started growing up. when I was 10 we went back to visit Kazakhstan that was the last time I've ever seen my mom's family. I learned the German language very fast but I never forgot the Russian language because I still talked it at home. I had everything in Germany, I experienced most of the things in Germany, (first boyfriend, fist kiss, clubbing, drinking, etc.) Germany wasn't that good actually because there were 5 million people without an employment. And when my both parents lost their jobs they decided to move to Canada.
I just turned 16, when my dad showed me the visa we received for immigration I ran straight to the bathroom where I cried. I didn't want to move, I didn't' want to leave all my friends and all my life behind. But I had no other choice I wasn't 18 so I couldn't stay. When I left I made that deal with my friends where we promised each other that I will come back when I will turn 18 and move in with them.

I remember when we were driving to the airport it was 4 am and I kept getting messages on my cellphone. I saw the airplane flying above our car and I was scared to fly. When We were sitting in the airplane I was shaking I was so scared and my dad kept scaring me even more, he thought it was funny. But as soon we were in the air it wasn't that bad, I didn't know any English so when the stewardess asked me if I wanted some water I said "yes" but I didn't' know how to say "without ice cubes" so I said "ice" and she gave me lots of ice ......... Great eh.
The first day in Canada was horrible my German cellphone didn't work, everything was different then what I expected, well I have never been in Canada before. It was January and it was -35C I thought it was a nightmare. I had trouble breathing because of the climate change. The first time is always hard but everything came quickly like the language (as you can see) because there are lots of German and Russian people I found friends fast and after 4 months in Canada I had already a boyfriend but not for too long lol. we moved 4 times changed cities and now we are living here for more then 2 years. My English is almost perfect I have a lot of friends and I am engaged to a Canadian guy. And guess what........... I don't' want to go back to Germany anymore, because I like my life the way it is right now and my friends back there forgot me anyways they forgot my 18th birthday and our promise.

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1 Response Feb 5, 2007

Yessss, Don't worry we win everybody over, lol. You experienced Canadian weather pretty fast. When it gets -40 weather, that is bad. You freeze your butt just going to the car. lol. As I was reading I thought that once your cell phone didn't work that it was the last straw. We had an exchange student here from Germany, and he loved it here. He is coming back for the summer.