Living A Country Boys Life

The place i grew up in was like maybury, it was a simple country town where everyone knew one another by there first name and the land that each farmer had was equivekent to about 5 square mile or more, so the nearest neighbor lived about 2 miles down the road. I recall when i was a boy I road down this country road on my bike and I would pass the neighbor's house and wave to the people sitting on the swings on the front porche where it wrapped around 3/4 of the house. Then Of course I would ride passed the fence the enclosed the live stock fro cows to horses and goats. When I saw the cows I would yell out hello girls!!!!!!!!!!!1 lol

Outsiders as we used to call vacationers would drive up lookingh for directions and they would ahve thie scowl look on there faces whiffing the air permiated with everything accept fopr the kitchen sink, I couldn't figure out why they were so discusted lol if you heard that farm boys go out and go cow tipping? beleive it and girls do too lol I kow it was cruel but to see the cows on there backs with 4 legs up in the air was a gut buster lol ok it was funny then.

As i got older I think the hay loft saw more actioon than the cows eating it if you get my drift. I think tha farm girls knew before us boys what the birds and the bees meant lol I already knew pretty much what life was about being around the animals and seeing them being born and so on, I just didn't realize that humans had more fun with it lol

If it wasn't for the brown haired and brown eyed cutie I would be still be tipping cows and chacing girls with the frogs I caught or turtles.
Its one of many fond memories I will keep with me have handed down to my daughter and her children. Thats what happeend and I am happy to give her my past of the wonderful life I lived. She grew up in that house and now my grandsons will do the same
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its a small harbor town with 7 beachs

Wow, must be nice. I wish I had more neighbors that I'd know and get along with. & growing up in that atmosphere must have given you a very different perspective on life.

But where do you live now RTF? Still in a small town?