Ramona Inn

If I remember right, that was the name of it. That is where I first went when I was kicked out of the vacation home I was living in in the mountains. It was probably the worst place I have stayed at. there was no telephone, no remote for the TV, no fridge. Pretty damn barren. I ate a lot of slim fast bars and had to buy ice and put it in the sink to stick my milk in to keep it cold. I read a lot and remember watching "Natural born killers" and also going out to see "Monster" at the theater. It got my mind off my predicament. I had two weeks there. I went on to a psychiatric ward but they wouldn't let me in inpatient so I went back again via bus to the hospital and finally got in the homeless shelter that said they were full. Those were such difficult days but I go on autopilot. My focus was staying off the street, though I had a car to sleep in. My plan of going to a mental ward didn't work out. They sent me on my way.
Whats really strange is that I didn't have one panic attack during the motel and shelter stay. It was not pleasant at all. But I slept well(after taking that horrible Seroquel) and didn't cry or get angry at all that I remember. I took it pretty well for being in such a horrible limbo. Thank god that older woman came in looking for roommates. My life picked up from there. Went back to having a job and my own place. 
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Me too! Thank you :)

I'm glad things turned out for the better...

We've all had all our times. I'm settled in now but have those icky memories..