When We First Immigrated To The "New World"

Seems like an eternity ago;
and in fact i'd wager and say aye,
it sure was!

People have come and gone.
I hope I wan't only a memory to them,
a tool
a therapist in a facked up marriage~ the balancing triangle.

Some have left this world.

And I , well I hold shards of them in my heart...
Some aren't painful,
some are soft smooth pebbles of amber and they are warm and they call me back to the Sea,
the Sea of my origins.

But stay in a motal we did, for a few days, in our new country!
We'd live in Italy for 4 months prior, all part of the THEN immigration process.
From the Airport we were transported to our designated motel.
No, Italy is not my place of origin.
Lived there for a few days.
Until we were assigned an apartament;
it was furnished and had all the basic necessities of life.

Welcome to the New World!

Lunadelobos Lunadelobos
Dec 14, 2012