I Was Severely Punished

When I was 8 I lived in a stereo typical orphanage. You know strict rules and no freedom. One day when I was 8 or 9 I refused to do something (I can't remember what it was). Normally when we got into trouble we got paddled and the wooden spoon and some times locked in a closet or basement over night. This time though I was brought in to the punishment room which I was very familiar with. I got strapped to a board and forced to drink water that had the stuff that makes you poop in it. I was ******** of my pants and Ms H put latex panties on but I didn't know what they were for. I was paddled and after about 7 minutes I really had to poop and I begged to go to the bathroom but she wouldn't let me. I had to go so bad that I pooped myself. Bad young lady Ms H yelled and it earned me five more minutes of spankings. She than rubbed my butt for a few minutes to spread all of the poop around my butt and than left there for 3 hour before she would clean me up. Once she finally did she said because I was acting like a baby I needed to be treated like one. We did all have separate rooms but until mine was ready I had to sleep in the basement for a week and a half. When I saw my room I couldn't believe it! There was a crib a changing table and worst of all diapers! She told me that I was grounded for three months and would be babied until then. That didn't stop me from being paddled though. I was given baby food, a bottle and had to have a nap time every day. This was how it worked:I would wake up, eat breakfast and drink my bottle than every body at the orphanage would watch me get changed and my 15 minute bare bottom paddling. Than every one would take showers except me, I was bathed by Ms H and if I didn't cooperate I would get a 15 minutes hand spank than the paddle. Next everyone watched as I was diapered, but in a wunzy and put down for a nap. I would wake up, get changed given a bottle and sit in a highchair until I pooped than I would sit in a corner, poppy butt showing for an hour and than would watchmy ppoppy but get spanked than changed and every one else would go outside to swim and since I was a baby I deserved a time out in my crib than later placed in floaties and everyone else helped me swim. I would eat dinner and go to bed by 7:30 and it would start again for three months.
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i cried as a kid after the 1st slap of anything i was ever spanked with and now im a teacher that spanks her school girls

Wow how did you ever survive? I am in tears after just 3 slashes of the belt