Gaijin Girl

I didn't know any better - being born in Japan, but having white-blond hair and big blue eyes.  I was a freak in a dark-haired land; stared and pointed at no matter where I went.
Drelenn Drelenn
31-35, F
1 Response Aug 22, 2007

I can't imagine what that must have been like having to deal with that all your life. I spent one month there, ad got used to the staring after a week. <br />
I found it the easiest in the Inaka. it was more "OOo neat! a Gaijin! I'm gonna see if he speaks Japanese..." than "What's that Gaijin doing here?" which I got alot of in Yokohama and it was worse in Kyoto. I was there during Hanami. "GOD another one!" was the feel there... <br />
It would probably be very difficult to go shopping during touristy events. There were many times I would talk to someone for several minutes before they realised I was speaking Japanese (in their native dialect, no less). Once they seemed to be very confused as to why they understood what I was saying...<br />
And yet I still wish I was back in Japan.