How Else Would A Cynic Like Me...

get a song like this stuck in her head?

I have had the most random thoughts rolling through my head today. I woke up thinking "Ugh, it's Monday!" Usually, my Mondays are more like Fridays because I regularly have Tuesdays off. Recently, I have been working a more typical week because my whole department has been moved to a different job skill - most likely because of my employer's bottom line dependence on outsourcing. Yes, that is right my beloved job, where I keep my sanity in my desk drawer, is changing. That along with all the other "life fun" I have been dealing with, must have my brain scrambling for peace. I guess this is no surprise considering:

I have been annoyed with thoughts of longing for distant fulfillment,
hurrying to meet my commitments,
wondering how I will ever get the things my family needs met from a dry well,
eating yet another fast food dinner,
hoping my brain will be open to a whole new set of systems and facts I need to do a new job.

All the while I am thinking stop the world I want to get off...

I ended up texting a friend to get a ride home...
then realizing I don't have my keys to get in my house,
then I find my front door wide open and my son sleeping peacefully inside, (great right?)
I round that out by sorting through mailed bills, online money accounts and messages of comfort, harrassment, and wishes of peace from friends.
Just about an hour ago I found myself locked out on my patio after a short conversation with my busy son, who concientiously shut and locked the glass doors...

I have been told I have amazing coping skills...Still I wondered how I ended up with all these thoughts of cotton candy clouds, peace, and good Karma running through my mind... Then it hit me...

My mind was formed in the soup of American media in the 70's This is probably why in the busy-ness of my day - my mind spits out lovely, random thoughts I try not to say out loud like

"you're soaking in it"

"I'm not going to eat it - you eat it"

"Ancient Chinese Secret huh?"

"Don't squeeze the Charmin."

and (perfect for today) "Calgon, take me away!"

Of course this was tempered by the lyrics from music I heard from my older teenage brother's room like:

"Why don't we do it in the road?",

"You're lazy just stay in bed, You don't want no money, You don't want no bread..."

"take me home, to the place I belong West Virginia"

and..."Mama's got a squeeze box daddy never sleeps at night"

And what does my mind pull off the dusty shelves today to soothe my confused brain? That's right... An old song filled with peace and love for all.... And so in the spirit of...

well ....meanness probably...

I would like to share it...

I'd like to build the world a home
And furnish it with love
Grow apple trees and honey bees
And snow-white turtle doves...

"I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing"

The New Seekers


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May 14, 2012