My relationship with my father stalled because of my mothers constant adultery, with his friends! I hardly saw him at all between ages eight and when I moved in with him at fourteen. Six years blighted!

After my mothers boyfriend raped me, and I was taken to the hospital to retrieve the evidence, I didn't know where I could go. I didn't want to go back to my mothers home! My friend Caroline, who I had told after I'd told the teacher of what had happened, arranged for mad to go to her home and stay for a week.

My father had worked for a garage in Saumur when we lived there, and I told the police this. It took them a week to track him down. He was still working as a motor mechanic, only he was in Chateau Renault. They met with him at the garage where he worked, and told him about my troubles. He came to get me.

Although he has always worked on cars my father has always been a motorcyclist. He owned a car just for his family, so we could get around. When he picked me up from Caroline's home he came on his bike. I didn't have any clothes. Caroline gave me some of hers to wear. I didn't want anything from my mothers home, except the toy cat my father had given me when I was four.

My father (his name is Richard) lived in a very small apartment, just three rooms in a very old building, off at the back of the garage where he worked. He gave me his tiny bedroom, and began sleeping on the sofa until he'd raised the monies to buy a new sofa bed.

The years with him there were a struggle, but they were the kickstart to my university successes, and my current life. He still lives and works there, and I go to see him at least twice a month.
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Show dad how much you appreciated his love

I am sorry to read this .. being a parent i am absolutely disgusted and appalled at your mother's attitude towards everything that happened to you! Your dad sounds like a good man!