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I Live In A Glorious World

I believe we all need to count our Blessings.
We can wallow in self pity or we can rise above the dull, mediocre existence we sometimes allow to absorb us
ELFINSONG ELFINSONG 56-60, M 3 Responses Dec 26, 2010

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In order to improve our existence we have to appreciate those things that we have been Blessed with<br />
The universe gives back what we send out.<br />
Try it and soon you will see a difference in what comes to you from the universe.<br />
<br />
Thank you daddyd andSilentWindows

Yes it beautiful snow falling............... smiles

Da'.. about counting our blessings... your thought reminds me of what i saw around 20 yrs ago in my choir mate's living room, a handmade decoration with some inspirational poem on it... Also, living my life here at EP... lol... keeps on reminding me of that necessity... to count our blessings... ^^, <br />
<br />
Do you count that snow flakes that are falling now outside your windows?? ^^, They inspire you, i believe so... hehehe...