I am about to graduate high school and it seems that people l know want me to go to university which is a "normal thing to do" . For me everything just seems.. not right. I am tired of this whole lie im not mad at society,because we all accepted to be like this (slaves) living a life that we all think is right. forgetting on how to communicate with others or with mother nature, the universe.what have we done to the world? it looks like we are all dead & forgetting about the beautiful things that nature brings to us. it all seems that we are living a lie being treated like"sheeps" l dont want to be a part of it or end up in the trap living a life that I dont want to live, being a hippocrate to people saying that I am happy and excited to graduate and hidding my real fellings because I already know the answer to them. At times I just want to live with the wild and forget about everything and everyone and just BE .Being with nature not just being a part of it but being with it.becoming IT their is no words to explain such beautiful thing.I see my chance to do this and turn my dream to reality . At times I feel l can no longer be here anymore it just dosent seem nor feel right. I can already picture my self being out there living outdoors experiencing diffrent things everyday and with someone by my side both of us laughing being happy with the decisions we made in our lifes leaving everyone and everything behind. being close to nature the way life should be. Is it going to be easy? not at all. I know its going to be hard and question my self if am l guna survive? That is why I admire the people who lived in the wild, came back and tell stories about their experience you guys are amazing. thank you for everything and people out there who want to live with the wild I really do wish the best for you guys, namaste("
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If u are still here id go some where in the US i was going to head to oragan don't know if ud like o join me I'm 17 and a half if ud like to join me ill be leaving in the summer likely