Need To Let Go But I Can't

I have been in a 6yr relationship with my boyfriend. The past three to four years he has been drinking three pints of vodka a day. It's gotten so bad where I don't even see him sober anymore. The only time it seems when he is sober is first thing in the morning where he is begging for money and a ride to take him to buy it. He doesn't work, but stays at home and drinks and doesn't help around the house while I work. I know people say I'm enabling him. It's hard to let go because when he is sober he is wonderful to us. I have two kids (mine) and he is great with them when he is sober. But now all that goes on is arguing and watching him act like a fool. I just need someone to talk to who knows or who has been in my shoes. I have so much more to let out. Please respond back if you understand what I'm going through.
Have a Blessed Day
Thank You
bgallegos bgallegos
31-35, F
Sep 14, 2012