Living With An Alcoholic Boyfriend

This is my 1st time checking out sites re: Living w/Alcoholics! A friend told me 2 check out some forums so I wouldnt feel so alone):  Im sure we all r reading each others stories & crying because we can all relate 2 the destruction this addictive behavior brings on...
Here is a little about my story... Met this guy almost 20 yrs ago & fell in love! Our first REAL FIGHT didnt happen until 2 1/2 yrs into our relationship...That's how i knew i met my soulmate!
Someone who loved life & hated drama!  Now a days drama is all that lives in this place):  he has a binge drinker parent & I should have seen the signs but, when ur trying 2 b the best mom & g/f U dont really pay much attention 2 HIS parents probs...  Now, i have this alcoholic shell of a man... if hes not drunk, hes hungover so u can imagine how MISERABLE he is!! 
He's been hospitalized for issues re: drinking...Its so sad...We r both 35, way 2 young 2 b told that prevention is his only way otherwise he isnt going 2 make it much longer!
In the last yr since his er visit cuz of heart & bleeding internally, he got a little better 4 a while but, now he's out of control...
Idk if I can even stay much longer living like this... Im NOT the 1 with a dependency issue so I dont appreciate being accused/insulted/screamed at every time I leave the house...Where were u? Ya right...etc, etc... It's like fighting a losing battle.
His jobs all revolve around alcohol... Bar & resturants... already said he cant quit totally & will cut back...Says he wont go 2 rehab cuz he's embarrased & dont want ppl 2 know...I think EVERY1 knows): Im an outgoing person who loves 2 live life & b happy, not live like a recluse cuz its a shameful disease & dont want other ppls judgements... It's hard sometimes 2 leave cuz I know the person i once fell so in love with is still there somewhere.. 1 thing i never understood tho is how the addict always focus on their partner causing problems thinking it takes the heat off them when all it does is shine the light on their issues even more...Smh! i will never understand that  one):  I feel like Im in some crazy bipolar ride with all the ups & downs...Lately just downs):
Thx...i just needed 2 vent a little... hopefully some1 can relate out there??
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i live with my acholic sister and it is a nightmare! when she has money to buy accohol and drinks she is happy go lucky and when she is broke and cant drink she is a very horrible person to live with!! i am trying to find a place where i can live on my own!! i really hate living with her! it is a real nightmare!!! if you want to talk sometimes i am all ears.

Please visit the site Empowered Recovery! I did and am now much happier. The site is about YOU! It will give you someone to talk, help make sense of what happened in your relationship with the alcoholic and give your the tools to regain some kind of normalcy in your life and the way you think.