What Should I Do?

I have a stepson and daughter-in-law who've been living with me since January. They were homeless and living in the woods. Of course alcoholism is the cause. My husband is in very poor health and requires constant care. I told "the kids" they could live in our camper on our property but not if they drank, nor could they have any of their friends out here. The agreement was he would work and I would take half of his money and save it, so they could buy a little trailer or something like that to live in ,and she would help me with my husband. It was going pretty well (a few times I've suspected one or the other had had a drink of alcohol) until yesterday morning, then they just disappeared. Their cell phones (govt provided) are turned off. Their possessions are in the camper, but no sign that they've been back to get them.

My question is: Should I tell them to hit the road? If not what would be the appropriate response if and when they show up? I am sure they will be back as I still have the money I was saving for them.

sistermae sistermae
May 17, 2012