Repeat Wife Of Alcoholic

OK. I married two different alcoholics. I was married 20 years to the first and divorced when I couldn't handle the cruelty and cold distancing he did to me. I married the second alcoholic 17 years ago. I guess I was in denial about him. I just didn't think he was an alcoholic! I realize that to drink is their choice and not mine. I cannot control their drinking. My current husband is mad at me for reminding him that I don't want him to die of liver failure or water on the brain. I don't know what I think anymore. I want to tell him to stop, but then he is mad. If I don't say anything, I am afraid that he will die and I'll feel guilty for not trying harder. There are times when I am sort of panicked about it. Like there's no right answer. So I'm stuck. Anyone know the answer to this dilemma?
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1 Response Sep 15, 2012

I'm afraid the only one to know the answer is you. You are the only one who knows you well enough. Start by loving yourself, showing yourself compassion, because as it turns out (I heard this recently), we cannot truly show another love and compassion until we can give this to ourselves. Not sure if this helps. I wish you well.