Living In Hell

My Name is Noone,im 15 and i have been strugling with depression for as long as i can i dont want you to think im doing this for sympathy becuz thats not me doing this to see if there if there is another "noone" outh there that knows what im going through and can help all started when i was 2 months mamma and daddy divorce yea i know happenes to everyone but for me it was different my parents had suffered the loss of my big brother who only spent a few presiouse hours on mama played around alot and i was always around new men ...i was raped at hte age of 7 by a "step day" but to this day noone knows...he is however in prison for raping another girl ...i blame my self for her pain...when i was 12 i was sexualy assalted by someone extreamly close to grandfather this continued a year or so ..i never had the curage to tell anyone...i lost another brother when my dad remarried...killed me step mom took me in treated me as her own...till my sister was born then i was just that kid over sister is now 10 and is the light of my parents world..if only i could do sumthing to make them proud... i started cutting when i was 10 young i know its the only way out i knew..5 years is a ling time and idk if i can stop...its so hard to cope with everything going on then the memories of what i have been through as i sleep everynite i didnt think i had a problem bcuz iv hid my scars for so long but my best friend saw them yesterday and said she was going to stop tlking to me i try and act like everything is ok but in reality im living in hell....
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i understand what your going through....just stay beautiful :)