My partner and father to our two little girls got home from a six month tour in afghanastan he has just recently over the past couple of weeks taken a break down due to PTSD from experiences he had over in afghanastan and things he had to do and see,he has become distant from his family and breaks down just out of the blue,he's also been having suicidal thoughts and phones me crying asking me to always tell our kids everyday that he loved them,I don't know what to do iv never felt so down,scared and alone!I just want him back to himself and want this horrible time to go away,I don't know how to cope with it all or how to help him as he won't talk to me he just says it's not my problem and I'd never fully understand,but I want and need to help him!I feel I'm losing him and I'm terrified he will harm himself,my kids are starting to pick up that somthing is wrong too and there only four and two...just babys!he's been talking to friends but I just wish he would talk to me and I can't understand why he dosnt want to be around people who love him and somtimes feel like he's being selfish then hate myself for feeling that way toward him.I just don't know how to cope and deal with it all I just want him back to normal and better,is there anyone else out there going through what I am?please get intouch maybe we can help eachother and try to understand this thing that's destroying our lifes x
xxkcxx xxkcxx
22-25, F
Jul 28, 2010