Fate, Destiny, Whatever!

I am not going to accept everything that is thrown at me by God anymore. He thinks he knows better, I say prove it! Am I challenging him? yes, but he always finds a way to ignore me and my needs. He really believes in himself.

I respect that but I am not going to bet my life and happiness on it anymore.

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You go girl

I might try that tonight, when I get home. Thank you

accomplishment and self satisfaction are yours. Do this simple thing. Get a bread mix. They come in a variety of styles but I use a rye bread mix. Normally u just add water. then u knead the dough and leave to rise. then bake. I tell u - strange as it sounds making a loaf of ur own bread is really really great. it's a small thing but then the first of ten steps can lead us a long way.

Thanks Steve, It's always a joy to read your comments. You are inspirational. I am trying my best, according to the situation. I hope one day I feel the joy you mentioned! the joy of accomplishment and self satisfaction.

Good for you. Once people abandon themselves to the state where they believe their fate is written they become less human. It's hard to face the challenges in life, but I have experienced my greatest joys when overcoming something difficult. I have put myself in positions where the work was probably beyond my abilities but through a mix of hard work , luck and being a good bluffer I've got through. It is the best feeling in the world to get and do the challenging things in life. If it was as easy as praying to god for him to enact his plan for you and the outcomes were already written what would be the point. In one of ur other stories u say you are more than god - you are evil. I think that is a salient point. We humans are more than the sum of our parts, we can achieve greatness (yes we also cause much grief) and we do it without divine intervention. <br />
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go for it!