Assumtions Are Seldom True

I dont know if i should say it or not after a promise made. But the tale im about to tell deserves to be heard. During my days of studying a girl used to live in d room next to mine in our hostel. She was a year elder to me. Shw was really pretty on first look and always dressed up real fine. But she was rarely ever to be seen late nights. So we assumed she goes late night partying or something. One fine day i was on a night out with my frenz n they took me to this road where the prostis are supposed to be standing. There i saw d same girl in a transparent top through which i could see her nipples and a pair of thongs woth really high heels. She had red lipstick all over her lips n was standing with legs apart n pressing her boobs. I told my friends to stop at a distance to observe her. A few minutes later i observed a car stop by a guys head leaned out n asked her something. In answer to that she opened her top n lay her breasts bare. I saw the guy reach across press her boobs and pinch her nipples. After that he nodded n she stepped into his car n they drove off. I stood there frozen fr a minute. Next day when i saw her again i tried to b normal i couldnt. But then i saw her in a different light
zulf zulf
1 Response Dec 8, 2012

So, did you ever clue her into the fact you knew ? Sample some of that for yourself ?