I had a dream that went something like this;

I was sound asleep and yet I felt as if some force is pulling me closer and closer to itself. With my eyes still closed I felt a light warm breeze on my cheeks as I was getting closer to this intriguing anomaly. Strangely I felt no fear at all, in fact by now the flight was warm and wonderful, and I just wanted to get closer and closer.

Suddenly I found myself in a place filled with a scent which reminded me of early summer morning wild flowers. A scent that I knew but, I just could not remember where at this moment. It was wonderful… I felt happy to be there and I didn’t want to leave. At that moment a pink flower brushed against my right cheek. I couldn’t really tell which flower it was, as I was mesmerized by it scent. It was wonderful, and I just couldn’t get enough of it. I began to kiss it gently and slowly. Another pink flower brushed against my left cheek, so I turned my head to the left and I began to kiss it as well. I kissed all of the beautiful pellets first and then I moved my lips closer to its lovely nectar. As my tongue moved across this beautifully shaped round core, I began to notice some movement. It was its stem which began to grow under my wet tongue. I started to lick it faster and not a minute went by as it grew bigger and harder. By now I could not help myself, so I began to suck on it as well. It was wonderful, and I thought that I was in heaven…

At that moment I felt these warm and soft hands on my back pulling me even closer yet. I opened my eyes and I see myself in a saddle of your beautiful breasts. Slowly I pull my head back and I see both of your beautiful breasts with hardened nipples looking and shinning right at me. And I thought; wow! What a beautiful sight. Your nipples are hard and ripe, and your hands are guiding my head closer to them. By now I knew that you wanted me to suck on them longer and with even more passion than before. The aroma and the sensation of the moment was wonderful and so, I was all too happy to obey your wishes... I pressed my lips hard around your hardened left nipple until I felt your warm breast around both of my cheeks. I squeezed your nipple with my teeth and I began to pull on it hard as I knew you wanted me to. You began to moan loudly and than you screamed; Yes………!

Well, and that’s when I woke up.
silverbell101 silverbell101
46-50, M
Dec 10, 2012