My Life Speaks.

So many people I know and barely know have told me things they haven't told any one else. Some times I just stare at the person who told me their life story and wonder why? Do I attract them? It makes me feel like needed. And I'm so thankful for every person who trusts me with their life stories and secrets. I feel so honored and special. Because seriously. Out of every one they've ever met, and even they family. They told ME. yea. For me it's mind blowing. I just hope they won't stop. I've been through a portion of hell myself. And I think allot of people know that. Some times it frustrates me that almost every one I know has heard about my past. It's like "is my past all that matters? Is it my past that makes you so curious?" But then those few people come to me and trust me because they know I've been through allot. And it's like a breath of fresh air. Like maybe my life and my past can actually bring some good. Like all the **** people have heard about me that mate they will think "ya know, maybe she will understand, or she's not at all a threat! She wont hurt me because she knows what it's like to be hurt"

I hope my life will draw people to me. The hurting people. The bullied christen. Or even the misunderstood adults. I want my life to be a message..
arielletuk arielletuk
13-15, F
Jan 9, 2013