Anybody Have A Secret They Want To Share?

I'm a great listener and I have a few secrets of my own that I may be willing to share!
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i like a girl wearing cotton granny panties

Friendship please?

Getting my Ex-Wife, and Mistress pregnant in the same month 2 Days Apart!


I have lots of secrets

Two secrets. This site is secret from my family and I have fallen in love severaltimes on here, knowing it will go nowhere beyond my head.

Yes I do.

There are no secrets on the net

i have a really sad secret to share

cool, feel free to add and we can chat about whatever you like, looking for someone fun to talk to.

How serious would the secrets be because I have some pretty serious ones that I would want to share.

It sounds like a fun idea, sharing some secrets like that. Can you friend me so we can share ours separately?

My combination in high school was 36 - 24 - 30.

I ain't tellin you ****!

Add me...I think this is a great idea! :-)

I do have a few secrets I'd be willing to share, if you would like to add me. You just have to promise to never tell.....

Add me please, I have secrets to share.

you're good people ! :-)

That's sweet! :-)

Be careful what you wish for... Being the guardian of secrets is a big responsibility. It can also be very dangerous... O_o

My lips are sealed...