I love the secretary but often wonder what would it be like 2 do or wear my secret in frount of someone
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It wouldn't make a difference. Just do it. Its all I wear and people just don't care

2 of my friends did wen I told them.i don't hear from them now

That's ridiculous. Idiots. I've never had that happen.

It's been over a year now

How exactly did you bring it up and tell them? It must have been the way you told them

They notice that had not talked much and asked if I had summit on my chest. I said yes but don't no how 2 say it. She said just come out with it so I did. She said there's nothing wrong with that and said she was going b behind me with it. Things where ok for few weeks then.... nothing

By the sounds of it, something else seems to be the cause. She would have backed off within a couple days, not a few weeks. And girls are so much more accepting and encouraging of their friends than guys are.

I've asked she said she was fine that's pretty much last text.... I still text her now and then see how she doing etc if she reply it's yeah fine

Maybe something else going on in her life. Sounds very abnormal for someone to remove a friend from their life because of a harmless choice of what you like to wear. None of my friends have ever done that. Even my girl friends that don't particularly like men wearing tights. They still don't hold it against me. I absolutely hate girls wearing jeans, but that's just my opinion and I've never stopped talking to someone because they choose to wear jeans.
You have to find out what is really going on with her.

I've ask if she ok and that she can always talk 2 me. She says she's fine there's nothing wrong

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