I am very trustworthy so whatever you tell me will always stay between us and that's a promise.
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I'd love to share some of my secrets with you.

I am a trustworthy person aswell but people assume I'm not. :(

Because nearly all humanity has gone from the world. Barely anyone trusts each other. I'm glad you trust and you are trustworthy.

I cheated on my boyfriend with his best friend

For what reason?

Somewhat. We were going through a rough patch and instead of trying to fix it he just broke up with me. It's been really hard ever since so i don't regret it that much

So you slept with the friend after the relationship was over?

Hi n that's good i need a friend I can trust


I took a shower this morning.

Good for you dude, no one wants to know about your habits. Move on pediphile

I'm 13 Yes I know I'm young but I don't like it here. I'm Christian and I wish God would take me home. A bit over a week ago my parents saw my message with my friend about my crush and they got mad and said it's for adults and I said I was sorry but now my Dad completely hates me and my Mom sometimes is nice but as soon as I slip she's on it again and threatens to rip out my eyeballs and shove her hand down my throat. My dad said he would rip out my hair and hang me and I'm really convinced they want me to die too and my dad doesn't even reply to me or call me beautiful anymore he doesn't even say my name they hate me and I hate myself they won't accept my stories and my birthday is in a week and I was just thinking about asking for them to forgive me instead of asking for chucks instead of shoes and from walmart which is what I always get and I hate hate hate hate my body my life is a mess and I don't want to wait for it to repair :( I don't want thoughts on my religion I want answers

I'm sorry about that.

Those people are evil, and sick. They've told you their religion dictates it, no religion does. They use it as a veil to control you. Call the police,tell someone, get away from them. They should be in jail. You aren't wrong, they are.

You're very sweet. Everyone needs someone like you.

I hope your rl friends cherish you and appreciate the rare gem that you are.

you want to ****

If I told you hear, everyone would know...hehe

I am very open minded. I wont judge you, and want to hear your secret.

hi love you sexy lady have you ever had sex before knowing each other

I have a secret!!

What is it?