I was raped in January.

I just wanted to be able to say it. I haven't been able to say that word aloud since it happened. As if I don't have a right to bc I didn't punch or kick and was too afraid to scream. All I did was say "no" and "stop" over and over until I wasn't even in my body anymore.
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And who the H3LL said you didn't have a right to?? You were too afraid to scream. Saying "no" and "stop" over and over gave you the right. Sometimes if due to their size the overpower you you may not be able to punch or kick. If it was without your consent - you were raped, plain and simple. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

sorry to hear,,,you saying no, stop should have been enough to stop it,,you shouldn't have to punch , kick.. do not beat yourself up for not doing that,,,,

Thank you for that. Been having some trouble coping lately.

that is exactly how it was for me when he raped me of my virginity then said, "ope, looks like we popped your cherry, babe!" :'(

My deepest sympathys people like that give the human race a bad name

Thank you for having the courage with being strong. I can only imagine how you now feel saying this? You have taken a very brave step. What is the next step you wish to take that is in your heart of hearts?

You need to report it even if it was a friend, girls do not need to be treated in that manner so go to the police and report it. They have people that are trained to help you realize you did nothing wrong. GO NOW?

It happened back in January. So at this point it would be his word against mine :/

Your word will be enough for the police to question him. If he is/was a friend/relitive he needs to pay the price. You did not give your consent so it was RAPE, take him down.

I hope you're strenght continues to grow.

Hey how are you

Good for you. I'm happy you were able to finally speak somewhere.

Awful to hear it happens to anyone,hope you start to heal and learn to cope with from that episode in your life, prayers out to you to come thru this. You got support here <3

I'm so sorry you went through that! I was raped and molested too and it sucks! I've had therapy and have 4given the guys but still have so much anger when I think about evil people who do those terrible things to others! I seriously want to torture some of them. I'm truly sad you had to go through that! I am here if you would like to message me. I will just listen if that'll help. God bless you all!

Thanks for having the courage to post, hope It helps to talk about it, maybe another girl will be encouraged to bring it to the light..

Sorry to hear that happened to you.

Punching or kicking in general fighting back typically leaves you not just raped but often beaten and broken or worse... Never feel like you don't have the right to say you were raped.

I had the exact same thing happen to me! I was 17 and I thought it was my fault too since I originally liked him. I told my best friend and she went and told everyone. A lot of people didn't believe me. He was so popular and all. I was too afraid to report him to the police since he knew me and where I lived. About 5 years later he was arrested on sodomy charges. The point of what I am writing is that it WILL get easier and you will be able to not think about it. You will always be on point.

I wouldn't wish this kind of thing on my worst enemy. I'm glad you're healed though :)

Thanks sweety I know you will start to feel better as well. When life throws you lemons u make lemonade! Wish I could take my own advice though. Now I am dealing with something far worse than that in my opinion. But hopefully it will pass.

Well, I'm an excellent listener and a vault when it comes to secrets. Message me any time.

Thanks chica

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THank you. You are receiving therapy? Are you able to hug?

I'm getting ready to see a therapist that a friend told me about. She comes highly recommended in case like this and we have the same beliefs which is a great help. Also, I love hugs :)

Hugs :)


Oh ok

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Glad you can share and I hope you find peace! :)

sorry to her that i was when i was 12

And how are you now?

i had help now im fine

u in the uk

Oh I'm so glad to hear that :) I wish I was. Planning a trip this winter.

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