Facebook is to much drama for me. I truly started getting God in my top priority list, so I thought I had to witness to everybody on Facebook, but that is got me in trouble. People that I went to school started to bash my Facebook. They were posting on my bible verses saying what do you think of us doing ungodly things and it war bad, I ignore it. Then I saw them speaking bad about me on their page and I was sticking up for myself, but people were attacking me. They always threatened me with cops and I do have harassment charge on me, so they won, but they lost because they mad a page about me and hate on me, but really got them was they put my personal information and that is against the law too. I would put things about why sex is for marriage, homosexuality is wrong, partying is wrong, drunks are wrong, drugs are wrong and it seemed like I was judgmental person, but I didn't mean to be that. I never told anybody to kill their unborn baby and I never said you are going to Hell because you had a baby before marriage. They said well she is getting us back for what we did to her in high school. They called me a hypocrite. They called me retarded. I have been teasing and bullied on Facebook, so I stay off. Now people are making up rumors about me saying that I said they are in a colt, I speak bad about religion and I speak bad about the church, but that is not true at all. You know by one there has been Atheists and Agnostics attacking me for my faith in God. I have had my sex life out on Facebook because she was seeking revenge on me for messaging her bible verses and that is it. I got blamed for saying mean things about Atheists, but never did that, so they attacked me for it. Stay off Facebook. Tell me about your experiences on Facebook.
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Sadly,christians come across a very judgemental and condemning because they can be.God is love,homosexuals have always existed even before the Christian religion and any other religions who condemn them were invented.Just look at the misery religion has caused in the world.Unmarried mothers having to give their children for adoption when they wanted to keep them,they were treated like criminals and all the while the church who did this to them was covertly abusing children in their care in the most horrific ways,what a lot of hypocrites!! There is a royal commission going on at the moment,please look it up and see the suffering paedophile priests inflicted on those vulnerable kids.You have no right to preach and condemn,no wonder people are blocking you!! The Bible was written by men with agenda,men who wanted wealth and power and control over their followers and instilled fear and guilt into them.The God of the old testament is a cruel,vengeful God no better then humans! or at least reduced to their levels by those who wrote the old testament and it was not inspired by God,please believe this and start thinking for yourself!!

What are you saying about me?

I am saying that God is love and condemning others is not loving,you condemn homosexuals because ot what is written in the old testament about them,God created them,God dosd not hate and condemn what he creates,homosexuals do not have a choice,they were born that way,God made them that way,homosexuals are not paedophiles a lot of paedophiles are heterosexual men,married men with families homosexual are men attracted to other men and recently it was discovered that their brains are more wired like women's brains.You seems to be told by your religion what to think or not think,like or not like and you have no right to force your views on others and disrespect their beliefs.The Bible was written just over 2000 years ago,by men with agenda, sadly some people still follow it to the letter without using their own common sense.It is like taking the brother Grimms'tales literally.

When did I ever force anything down anybody's throats?

May be you do not notice when you do it,as most Christians try to convert others to their beliefs and they come across that way.You are entitled to your own beliefs but should also respect the beliefs of others,now I believe in reincarnation,I have had Christian "friends" avoid me because of my "sacrilegious and Heretic beliefs" I was told it was "of the devil"etc.... That I feel is quite unfair and demeaning and very judgemental.It is not a crime to believe in reincarnation or life after death,but for some Christians it is a crime in their eyes and they let you know in no uncertain terms!

Why are you so kind?

Someone even screamed at me!

Now is that a normal reaction?

Converting people to their religion is nearly a compulsion for some Christians,they feel it is their duty,that they are saving people's souls,if they gave this a little bit of thought they would realise that God created all in the world and would not just "save" Christians ,God expresses Himself through ALL of his creation and His love has no boundary.My God is not the God of the Bible as you must have noticed.

Are you judging all Christians because of that.

Lets say that I am weary of them at least the one who feel compelled to try and convert you.

What am I doing?

I think we are going in circle.You know exactly what I am saying.I also believe you have many profiles and I do not feel at all comfortable with it.You are not direct nor sincere and that also is the way some of those "born again Christians" so called, came across to me.They try to obfuscate many issues and resort to subterfuge to evade explaining themselves sincerely, their aim is to convert others no matter how they go about it.I think we will leave it there as I feel I am being taken for a monumental ride!

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