A Letter To You

Dear Mark,
I'm sorry i didnt see just how much pain you were really in. I should have seen this coming. I love you buddy and always will. Just because your gone doesnt mean i will stop loving you. It doesnt mean any of us will stop loving you. I for one am sorry i failed to see this coming.
I'm going to miss so much about you. Your funny stories that you told me just to cheer me up. The nights we spent on skype talking. And then there is the fact that you can talk for hours on end about anything. It was so comforting, just to listen to how happy you could get when you talked about certain things. Like your cats! I think most of all im going to miss your laugh. Aw Mark :( I love you so much. I'll never hear that laugh again. You laughed and I automatically followed, no matter how down i was feeling.
I never told anyone this but right when you disappeard i went online to ask you something very important. I was going to ask you to come to mine and Krista's wedding. I signed on and you werent there. I waited for you, Mark. :( I really wanted you to be there. It wont be the same without you. I could have put it together to where you and Laura could have finally met in person. But now your gone and all of that goes out the window..
Are you happy where ever you are? I sure hope so. Thats all any of us wanted for you. So I'm praying with all my strength that you are happy now. How did it get to this point that none of us saw this coming?! I bet if you had let us in we could have stopped you. Could have made you feel a little better. It didnt have to come to this.
I know you werent thinking about hurting us but you did. Your gone forever and that leaves us here, heartbroken and questioning ourselves. Could we have stopped you? What did we do wrong? I know those questions are going through my head at least. I know they are going through Laura's head as well. :(
I'm sorry you felt you had to do this. You didnt tho. You could have leaned on us! I love you soooooooo much and always will. Rest in peace, Mark. Rest in peace.

Love Always,
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7 Responses Oct 15, 2010


:( *hugs* Mediocre. I dont want to believe it either. But its true.

I really can't and will not believe this

or ever hear his laugh.. **tears**

i know..the thought of not being able to talk with him anymore is horrible..

*hugs* miss him sooo much :'(

i'm sure he's happy. also because he has such friends like you. *hugs*