A Word To You Frosty

I wish you took me with you when you decided to do it..
I mean you could come to me here and we would do it together..
why did you do it with that girl i don't even know anything about..just f****** why?!
you went to her but not me..i am really mad that you left me here all alone..
have fun in this frigging hell of yours or whetever you are now..with that person.
but watch out, maybe we'll meet there soon and i'll kick your ***!
lovelessbutterfly lovelessbutterfly
31-35, F
2 Responses Dec 6, 2010


Why did Mark finally do it? Wasn't he trying to find consolation and friends here? I've read his posts, he seems to have been a very nice person but with a tormented soul... Did he give hints that he were going to commit suicide with someone? Was the girl a blogger he was in contact with? I was a suicidal a few weeks ago and I was really tempted to go forward with it but reading all the stories on Experience Project has helped me heal and grow. I'm starting to see that it doesn't matter what you accomplish or what people think of you; after all, it's your own life: enjoy it to the fullest. I hope Mark has found the peace of mind he was looking for.