I can't stop thinking about Mark. I love him so much and always will. Him being gone wont change that. But maybe.. just maybe where ever he is now he is looking down and regretting what he did. Regretting leaving his friends, his family, his cats, his life.

so what i was thinking was with your guys' help i could make a video of all the things that he probably misses in hopes that once its on the web, someone else who is suicidal will see it and think twice about leaving the joys of life behind.

Does anyone have any pics of him or pics of yourself that you would like to go in it? *hugs* if so please message me :)

<3 you mark <3
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5 Responses Dec 30, 2010

haha yeah ii guess you are right :P i just want it to be perfect. <br />
<br />
thanks! :) I like it to. :D Yours is cutee too :)

you are already did one video xp<br />
i'm doing the best i can to be a better human..but it is harder than i thought..heh.<br />
*hugs* i like your avatar xd

Good idea hunni! :) thank you. See im not very creative haha. <br />
<br />
How are you doing? *hugs*

i meant couples..

i think maybe some cpuples pictures? i mean like those that are going hand in hand, kiss or something (but no face is showed) so it would represent love and things like that. a bike..he liked to ride it..there are some pictures in his profile from when he went cycling. the sky..and clouds..the trees..cats..ocean, bunggee