So Lonely Without You

I'm thinking about you friend..can't forget...even though it happened two years ago it still hurts me so much tha you left me here alone.
I wish I could talk to you..see your face..I just wish that never happened..
Why..even though I knew why didn't I do something?..anything..I'm mad at myself and you too for doing that without even telling me beforehand. I'm so lonely here without you, I have no one to talk to..this world is empty without you..I feel that something is missing. You took a part of me with you..I wish you at least give me a sign that you're ok there and we'll meet one day. But till the day I am stuck here anyway..
I added two songs for you. I want to say to you that i'm trying to live and I don't cut anymore. I'm doing ok..but I am still not fine. I don't even know why do I have to wake up and get out of bed everyday..the world is more unpleasant now and cold and empty than before..I wish I could bring you back..I'm so mad you didn't take me with you.
lovelessbutterfly lovelessbutterfly
31-35, F
Dec 16, 2012