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I can understand people wanting to feel secure when they are online. Many security sites recommend that one never post pictures on the internet, but I don't understand why someone would be part of EP and not add stories. That is the foundation of EP, without stories it would not have grown to the site it is today. Share a story, even if it is to just say you are nervous about sharing stories. We, for the most part, are not professional storytellers, writers, bloggers or anything close here. Most of us are not here to judge you. We are here to share our experiences with you and maybe show a little support along the way so please share with us. :) Let us get to know the real you through your words.

PS: A picture is NOT worth a thousand words to me because I rarely look at albums. I prefer to get to know my friends beyond the superficial outer shell. I love to see into their soul and hear their inner voice through their words.
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I tried messaging you... Couldn't :(. What do you say to chatting some?

I'd love for you to read my stories and tell me what you think!

I got banned because of stories, not my photos.

I'm going to post my first story tonight thanks to you. Will you take me under your wing...

I'm fun too!

That's because your mrs Gita lol

See into my soul? Sorry. I always wear Soul underwear. Who goes around with a naked soul? What kind of person are you ffs? :P

I agree with you on this subject.

I am with you on this, with EP I can fantasize and experience myself as other Avatars without any guilt. It is a great site!

I agree with you. I look at the stories a person writes first to see if I might be interested in getting to know them better. No stories, no add - nothing there!

Great attitude and I agree. I have to laugh when I see folks with hundreds of supposed 'experiences' and they can't muster one simple story

I completely agree with your words dear heart. Pictures are but one dimension where the words of ones heart show a much fuller scope of a person. Well said my friend!

I agree and I keep trying to post some stories but everything I write keeps getting blocked by EP. I'm not writing anything gross either, just about my history wetting the bed, but they say it violates the terms and conditions. Really frustrating

If you don't have stories about your own experiences, what makes you think I'd friend you and let you into my life! Not you Fungirl... I'm talking about all the voyeurs on here that want everyone to friend them but don't want to share anything about themselves, and most don't even comment on the stories I've posted! Why do they want to be friends in the first place???

I was told earlier "to see your nude pictures." Well surprise there aren't any. :)

I feel the Exact same way

seems that EP enjoys deleting stories much faster than pics

Not really. Ask all us folks that have had our profile pix removed and told they violated EP terms. Well here is the thing... since when does the rose bush in my front yard offend anyone? Or the picture of myself in pajamas totally covered? It has to do with the number of flags a person receives. If your a ms are set to friends only you are less likely to get flagged but you have behinds that can't live and let live everywhere.

I agree with the lack of consistancy in their deletions. It is baffeling

Well said.

Love this post...fabulous...

I use to have a standing requirement to be added to my circle one has to have posted at least one story (more than four sentences), or a confession and their experiences had to more than one central topic.

Yeah , I agree , stories tell me so much about a person and the way they think .
Thanks :)

It's not so simple on here anymore. If we talk about sex in our stories EP removes them. My 1st account was deleted and now my 2nd has been suspended.

Keep it clean, you can you discriptive without using four letter words. Many do it here without being deleted. You can't put nude photos on the open board anymore.

Yep, things have changed here.

I didn't use four letter words.

There are persons that have been deleted without the use of four letter words. I have three close friends that had their accounts suspended and still have no clue as to why. My own account was suspended for a short time based on the system. I interacted with support and they assured me it was a glitch and would never happen again. But I am one of the ones suspended.

This is the story that caused the system censor to go crazy....

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