I think it is sad the reality our world has come to. In other countries, Christians are getting killed. Here in the USA, Christians are being silenced and forced into submission through the law by some atheists, gays, and others. The same law that supposedly gives freedom of religion.

Christians are being silenced and forced into submission, forced to abide by the wants of others, others who think the law can let them have their way.

I was told by someone here on EP when I tried to get people to see that gays who want baked items can go to gay-friendly businesses and not cause trouble for Christians, that the freedom of religion our Constitution gives us Christians isn't real and that it is a sad but very real fact. I am starting to see his point. Sadly.

Basically, the law of man and gay activist alliances are telling Christians that Christians will not be accepted unless they accept gays. And for many Christians who see where it says homosexuality is an abomination to God as permissive to hate gays (not me because nowhere did I see permission to hate gays), it clearly shows they get punished if they follow what they think God says, and rewarded if they go against what they think God says.

People who know me know I'm no bigot, but that I love humanity. One thing I do is think of solutions where everyone can come out a winner and no one can get hurt. In this case, the Christians get hurt if they do what they think God wants and the gays win; but if the gay goes away to a business that can help them then the Christian doesn't get hurt and neither does the gay and another business also profits. It's a win-win-win. And that to me is better for everyone.
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Christianity over the span of its existence has screwed the world over in many ways and has killed millions of innocent lives in the name if their god... And you think this is wrong?

I will never condone what Christian terrorists have done, but you know what? It's time we stopped playing the blame game and game of exclusion and time we started trying to find ways to willingly co-exist. Suing someone because they don't like you isn't the answer. If the gay person can go to a business that makes things for gays, Christians won't get hurt and gays can practice the acceptance they preach by accepting Christians. Yes, I know there are many Christians who actually give hate speeches and commit hate crimes against gays and that needs to be dealt with; but for the Christian who just follows what they believe is true and is just trying to get by in life, I say let them be. The Catholic Pope has gone on record to say he doesn't like how gays live their lives. Where are the lawsuits against him? Christians are easy targets for many and so people sue them or get the law against them. There are businesses that want to help gays. The gays need to go there. Hate hasn't just been going to gays. It has been going from some gays too but they hide behind protective labels of discrimination.

I agree that the blame game needs to stop yet we all want someone to be responsible. The first step is to actually understand we could very much be wrong about how this mess if a world was all created. Most people want it one way but have never experienced the beliefs of others which is ignorance. People should be able to live their lives without someone saying it's wrong. Look at the Buddhists, they found a way to live life that works but they don't pressure it on others. They say you should try it out some time. Norse pagan believe as myself accept the beliefs of all others except I will get pissed if yours bothers someone else.

Oh I know that the Vikings were a ravaging culture. However they were very accepting if other religions. Odin himself did not care who or what you believed in. However all of history's mass religious pandemics such as the inquisition, crusades, holocaust, and today's mess. All revolve around one areas belief and one god...

You should read the Poetic Edda then. You'll learn of Odin's acceptance of all. And if you read Mein Kampf you'll see hurler was inspired to do gods work.

I was once a Christian but it didn't work out for me. I was tired if religion. I was reading about Norse mythology and found it inspiring and it motivates me. It's not my religion. I don't need a religion. It's just a motivator. Where I live, Christianity is the main deal and they but in to everything. I don't tell people it's dumb and you should stop. I ask them why do they believe that and if they have ever thought of something else just to get their minds from being on one track. My girlfriend is a Christian and we have never had any problems in our love life because of how understanding of each other we are. Again you need to do some research yourself.

Once again they are not my gods but my inspiration. And I too am taking a college course through it. And all of the mythology came from the Poetic Edda... Not some random *** book. You must have failed that class.

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