Me Myself And I

I am wiccian otherwise known as a witch:

yes I am aware that that will freak some people out. Some will panic and think they are Hexed at the mere thought. I asure you, I don't care enough about you to do anything of the sort, nor do I have sympathy for your issues on the subject. If your freaked out and think I am evil. that is YOUR issue not mine.


I am Geeky:

I enjoy all things Geek, SciFi, Computers, gaming, RPG's , card games, Anamie (even b4 it was cool)


I have eye issues:

Expect typos, on here I am typing from memory, I can not see a thing I am typing until I hit post (even with my reading glasses). I realize people will critisize the mistakes in my writing because of it. I don't care. I will enjoy every second of sight I have, I don't have time to coddle you. Do what ever you want with your red pens.


I enjoy a good debate:

I do mean debate. That means discussing issues with people with an oposing view point. I may at times be Blunt and pithy, but I do not get angery.

When I come across people who make asumptions and personal attacks. I will give them MAYBE one chance to cool off, after that.. I'm done, I will not suffer a fool let alone an angery one.


I look for solutions

When posed with a problem, I looks for a way to solve it. I accept my advice may or maynot be taken. I will not accept personal responsibility for the problem itself, if it is not mine.


I have little patience for Headgames

I can spot them, and I will call you on it, if it suites me. Usually I will just walk away (most likely laughing)



That is all you need to know. Guess work over.




CheekyGeek CheekyGeek
7 Responses Mar 10, 2010

yeah no kidding there, How many reality shows must we suffer with??

Giggles: HEHE yeah I wasn't going to leave out that I do laugh at it. <br />
<br />
Mosic MX2 : Computer games are far better then vegging out infront of the TV. at least your mind is engaged, you need some sort of strategy to win.<br />
<br />
faucon: there are song books, activity books, coloring you name it, and a very lovely book entitled "circle Round" <br />
<br />

Excellent post! I love it when you say you will walk away...."most likey laughing". You know that's what grates on them the most hahaha you know they were hoping you walked away boo-hooing and crying your little eyes out!!

ROF mosaicManX2 Embrace your inner geek !!!!!!! Lots of Gals dig smart men, besides geeks rule the world !!<br />


LOL your welcome. This is a blunt explanation of myself. I have other stories that allow a deeper peek at my spirit. the good and the bad :D

THANK YOU FOR SHARING! I enjoy getting to know YOU! TAKE CARE!!!