Obama and His Team's Earmarks In $410 Billion Omnibus Budget

With these guys leading the country and following the rule "do as I say not as I do".  We should really see a big turn around in our country more so than we have already seen.

I've go to get me a seatbelt cause this wild ride is really throwing me about.


Obama Tied to Millions in Budget Earmarks
Friday, February 27, 2009 5:04 PM

By: David Eberhart and David A. Patten Article Font Size  

President Obama and top members of his administration appear to be sponsoring hundreds of millions of dollars of earmarks in the 2009 budget that Obama is trying to push through Congress, CQPolitics.com reports.


In the congressional report that accompanies the budget legislation, Obama is listed as a sponsor of a $7.7 million earmark for “Tribally Controlled Postsecondary Vocational Institutions.” Obama’s co-sponsors on that earmark include Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.


President Obama pledged to fight the addition of pork-barrel earmarks to legislation during the presidential campaign. Last April, for example, Obama released a statement stating: "We can no longer accept a process that doles out earmarks based on a member of Congress' seniority, rather than the merit of the project."


White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, Biden, Clinton, and three other Cabinet secretaries who served in Congress last year are listed as sponsors or co-sponsors of hundreds of millions of dollars of earmarks attached to the spending bill.

The House approved the $410 billion omnibus budget measure Wednesday, sending it on to the Senate.


According to CQPolitics.com, Senate staffers say Obama’s name will be removed as a sponsor. It is not clear if Obama will insist that his cabinet officers withdraw their earmark requests, however.


Other earmarks traced back to members of the Obama administration:



  • Vice President Joe Biden, who asked for $94.9 million in set-asides before assuming his new office. He is a co-sponsor of those expenditure requests.



  • Interior Secretary Ken Salazar was the lone sponsor on $5.4 million of earmarks in the budget bill. Including the earmarks he supported as a secondary sponsor, he’s linked to $227.4 million of earmarks.



  • Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood asked for $31.2 million in earmarks, including $380,000 to replace vehicles that assist disabled persons in LaHood’s hometown of Peoria, Ill., the Web site says.



  • Emanuel, the former congressman from Illinois, is currently sponsoring $3.9 million in earmarks on an individual basis.



  • Labor Secretary Hilda L. Solis, a former member of Congress representing California, is linked to $38.4 million worth of earmarks, although she was the lone sponsor for only $814,000 of that total.



  • Clinton sponsored just under $109 million in earmarks, although many of those were sponsored in concert with other senators.



    On Wednesday, Gibbs evaded directly answering a question about whether Obama would prompt his Cabinet secretaries to withdraw their earmark requests.


    “The president has discussed and worked with Congress to pass some reform of this process that now ensure that people like you that are interested can go into a piece of legislation and see the names of those sponsors,” Gibbs said.

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keith you are right blame can not be placed on just one side.<br />
<br />
So, here is where the first step has to be made. Us talking about and learning what each side thinks and feels. Reaching out to find ways of finding where middle ground can be found and then communicated to those around us. As this communication goes out from us others to will join and that is what the country needs. Americans talking and finding solutions not blaming. <br />
<br />
Americans seeking out information and discussing what they find with all regardless of which side of the fence they sit on. This is were change really begins. With each individual.

I have said it before and I will say it again...the problems we have today are related to both parties. This is not a Republican or Democrat problem. It is both! The real issue that people continue to miss is that the Republic is almost dead. Most people on here don't even understand that concept and that is the real crime. Obama is what every other President was...a politician. He has made promises and he has already broke some and he will break more. I ask the question why most “liberals” cannot accept the fact that both sides are to blame for the current problems. We are in this together and we will all go down together. I am far from rich but I do have problems with the current direction of our country. We are not a socialist society but we are being thrown in that direction. When there are no more rich to tax who will carry the burden? I'm sure that will get the liberals talking...lol.

Wow I just love reading debate like this !<br />
<br />
I'm not American, but I do know that when one country sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold......I think it will be pneumonia this time though

I like to listen to Michael too. The cool think about conservative talk radio even if you don't agree with it; is that there is passion for what they believe. NPR puts me to sleep. I listen to get another side but there is no passion for what they believe. I respect more someone who has passion for their beliefs and know why they believe them than for those who just repeat what they have been told and don't know why they believe it.

i'm not a good speller my self so I don't even really notice. I also have a big problem with my mind working faster than my fingers on the key board. As long as I can figure out what you are saying the mistakes do not matter to me.<br />
<br />
Keep the thoughts out there. However, (the mom in me must come out now) try to tone down the words such as "cheese *****". These kind of words keep others from hearing what you are wanting to say. The real gems of your comments speak softly and can not be heard over the yelling of the words such as this. You are colorful and I can see what you are wanting to say but many others can not. Remember the first key to understanding is being able to hear what someone has to say.<br />
<br />
I still think you are sweet.

cannondale you are never one short for words. huggs.

I am no where near rich. in fact right now due to the cut in my hubby's pay checks from the commission side we are behind 1 full payment and half of another on our house payment. We are also far below this magical number "200,000". I'm against raising these taxes because the so called "rich" do far more to help the communities of this country than just pay taxes and help create jobs. There are some bad apples and they get all the attention but there are far more good ones than bad.

Nixon,watergate...Reagan,iran/contra,S&L scandal,BushI illegal entry into iraq war, bush II,back to iraq and the housing bubble...B1tch if you like but where were you for tha e last 30 years when the republicans were earmarking $ for oil,tobacco, and military? Do you know we haven't paid a dime for either the first or second iraq wars? The LAST 4 Republicans have increased the size of gov't., have increased taxes, have disintgrated the middle class and now they get into the free market...scrwe the auto companies, the banks and the lenders...we are about to learn a HARD lesson. 88% of ALL americans die in debt. 1/3 of our population can/will retire in 2011 and 15 years ago i was working in nursing homes with 1/2 the needed staff.....we WILL have elderly living on the street! Do not sit here and play the blame game....we ALL desearve this he11.....