Not to Be a Downer But...

I live in DC and went to college here. 

A lot of people I know have been Capitol Hill interns.  From what they've told me, the general sense I get from them about interning on the Hill is that they went in there with a positive attitude about government and how things are handled on the Hill, but during the internship they were just turned off by government and how corrupt it can get.

People can start off working in the government with good intentions but they do get corrupt.  As I've had opportunities to have jobs on the Hill, I've refused because I'd rather just avoid coming into contact (probably) daily with people who try to corrupt me and distort the good intentions I would have had when agreeing to take on my job.  

And then talking to nonprofit policy workers (I say nonprofit because that's the only kind of lobbying that I'm familiar with), lobbying on the federal level is a lot different than doing it at the state level.  So I don't know if that's "illuminating the nightmare that is Capitol Hill," but it is illuminating the fact that state vs. federal levels are two very different things.  

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yeah. they said it was a real eye opener for them

wow thats quite a story!