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67% Say Politicians Should Give Back AIG Contributions, Political Class Disagrees


Monday, March 23, 2009


Two-out-of-three Americans (67%) believe that politicians who received campaign contributions from American International Group (AIG) should return the money. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that just 21% disagree and 13% are not sure.

The belief that the politicians should give back the money is shared by a solid majority of every measured demographic group except one - America’s Political Class. In that elite group, just 29% think the contributions should be returned while 63% reject that idea.

Among America’s Populists, 77% believe the campaign cash should be returned, and only 14% disagree. Most Americans have Populist attitudes. and their perspective can reasonably be considered the perspective of Mainstream America.

The gap between Mainstream America and the nation’s Political Class is far bigger than the divide between Republicans and Democrats within those groups. Among Mainstream Americans, 74% of Democrats believe the campaign cash should be returned. So do 78% of Republicans and 78% of those not affiliated with either major party.

Official Washington is scrambling to respond to growing public outrage over the disclosure that AIG management gave out $165 billion in executive bonuses after the ailing insurance giant had received a massive government bailout to stay in business.

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This disconnect between Mainstream America and the Political Class is one reason concern about Ethics and Government corruption is seen as a Very Important issue by 81% of voters nationwide. Of 10 issues tracked regularly by Rasmussen Reports, only the economy merits more concern.

America’s frustration over the AIG debacle is not limited to the nation’s politicians. A Rasmussen video report notes that 76% of Americans say executives who received bonuses should be required to give them back. Sixty-eight percent (68%) now believe most of the taxpayer money given out as bailouts is going to the very people who created the country’s current economic crisis.

On a series of issues relating to AIG and federal bailouts, the Political Class has views that are vastly different from those of Mainstream America. The Mainstream view is that it’s better to let AIG go out of business rather than continuing to provide federal subsidies. The Political Class disagrees.

The Political Class gives rave reviews to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner while Mainstream America disagrees.

Even on the question of the economy itself, there is a huge gap. The Political Class tends to believe the economy is getting better while Mainstream America has a decidedly different view. That may be one reason that two-thirds of Americans trust their own judgment on economic matters more than they trust the average member of Congress.

During 2008, AIG paid millions of dollars in contributions to members of Congress and other political figures. It later received $170 billion in bailout funding. Earlier research found that most Americans believe donors get more than their money’s worth back from campaign contributions. Certainly nothing in the AIG saga will change that perspective. That earlier survey found that 68% say most business leaders contribute to political campaigns primarily because the government can do so much to help or hurt their business. Only eight percent (8%) disagree.

Most Americans believe that Congress acts in a way to encourage such behavior. In fact, 59% believe that when members of Congress meet with regulators and other government officials, they do so to help their friends and hurt their political opponents. In another solid display of agreement across party lines, a majority of Democrats, Republicans and those unaffiliated with either major party share this view.

Six-out-of-10 believe most politicians will break the rules to help people who gave them large campaign contributions. Just 19% say most politicians would refrain from breaking the law.

Overall, by a two-to-one margin, American voters believe that no matter how bad things are, Congress could always make them worse.

For the Political Class-Populist research, survey respondents are classified based upon responses to three survey questions. Most Americans share the Populist view. Three-out-of-four either hold those views or lean in that direction, so it is reasonable to consider the Populist view as representing Mainstream America. From the Mainstream, or Populist, point of view, big government and big business are political allies rather than political opponents. Populists tend to trust the wisdom of the American people and see the federal government as a special interest group. Those in the Political Class tend to have more confidence in political leaders and less trust in the wisdom of the American people.

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Term Limits. Vote them out of office. Cancel the idea that being a politician is a lifetime position.<br />
<br />
Return them to the private sector to get a REAL JOB.

They get the payoffs ... get to enjoy them ... and of course, not be in trouble for taking them.

the elite class are the one's getting the payoffs for all that is going on at the expense of the taxpayers.