Orbit Man

 I have been involved with someone for over 12 years, and I somehow let him betray me over and over again.  When he is in pursuit mode, there is no one more charming, adorable, devoted to me, anxious to fulfill my every wish.  After a certain amount of time, he disappears without a word.  If I call him or contact him, he seems happy to hear from me.  He never explains or even seems to think it's strange.  Sometimes we go years without talking.  Then we "find" each other again, and he makes it seem that he's discovered the crown jewels.  Rinse.  Repeat.  Endlessly.  Why do I let him do this?

Hurtbynarcissists Hurtbynarcissists
1 Response Oct 5, 2009

I did a search to find your story ... wish someone had given you a clue because I want to know why someone would do this too.<br />
<br />
hope it gets better for you