As a child, I grew up in a very good environment, with a loving home, and my dad was a doctor and runned a jewelry place and our finance conditions were good and I had everything a child would ever need. When you looked at my family and I, u'd thing that were the "perfect" family, but that was just from the outside, from the inside it was the opposite. My mom started getting suspicious about my dad. He would come late at night, and he had a woman's number in his mobile, and once, when mom finished calling him, my dad had forgot to close his mobile, and my mom and brother heard a woman's voice on his mobile and she was laughing with him, and there were lots of other evidence against my dad. So, my parents would go on lots of arguments, bad ones, and me and all of my brothers and my sister would have to play or do something to distract us from all their shouting and yelling, and my dad hit my mom a few times. My mom and dad were about three times so close to getting a divorce, and every time they fight, I'd hope to god that we wouldn't get seperated.
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That is tough growing up around all that tension. My mom and my ex alcoholic stepfather used to fight like cats and dogs. Though she was affraid of him at times she has a temper and would go off on him. She was always so jealous that he was cheating. Trust me this man was gross he hardly took showers because he stayed so drunk! Who would want to sleep with that? He was also not an attractive man he had a huge pot belly like a 8 month pregnant woman! My mom was a very pretty lady back in the day. I never understood how she ended up with this monster of a man. When they fought they would both throw things and break things it got real nasty! No wonder to this day I am a nervous person. I get kinda jumpy and I suffer from anxiety also. Do you have any anxiety issues as a result of your tense childhood?