Painful Childhood

I had a very bad childhood, and I just hate to even remember it. My parents always fought, and were so close to getting a divorce. My dad terribly hit me a few times when I was a kid, and once he even hit me about three times on my head, two times at my face, four times at my stomach, and two times at my back which hurt like hell. He even hit my mom so badly, that her bruises turned purple and blue. My family always criticized me, and I never reached their standards or level, they always expect more from me, although I always try my best, but they don't care. My mom used to hit me too, but never as painful as my dad. That's not all, but when I was a child, I was abused by my own relative, believe it or not, I never told anyone, I'm just scared and stressed of what's going to happen after that, and once I was so close to telling my mom, at first she didn't believe me, but then I told her that I was just leing. So, I did have a painful childhood, but through years I got through it, and now, thanks god, I'm feeling much more better than I used to, especially after I knew that lots of people had a much painful childhood than I did.
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It's terribly sad that there are so many people with these stories. Whats worse is when your parents don't believe you... When my sis and I were sexually abused our parents didn't believe us either. Now that we are grown my mother does but not my father. I just don't understand the rational behind a parents thinking when something like that happens...

I am sorry you had to go through that. I had a tough childhood also. My mom married an alcoholic when I was 9 yrs old and my brother was 12 yrs old. He was very mean, vulgar, abusive and extremely scarey! He used to beat my brother and I both. He beat my brother one time so bad over the head my brother had blood coming out of his ear! My brother was kicked out of the house when he was only 15 yrs old and forced to live on the streets or stay wherever he could. My stepfather threw him out and my mother didn't stop it. She was affraid of him also. My mom finally left him when I was a senior in highschool. I swear this man was the devil in disguise. I had a relative sexually abuse me too and my mother acted like she didn't believe me. She asked me about it not long ago and I told her I didn't remember it. I do remember it but I don't feel comfortable sharing that with her now you know what I mean?