Growing Pains

I grew up with a pretty rough and unstable childhood. My parents ended up in jail, so I lived with my grandma from 2-6, when I was adopted and sent to a rough boarding school, where young kids were beaten literally every day. (Real beatings, not just a slap/kick/punch around.)
I was way too young to start going to that school, especially when I was still trying to adapt to my new "parents". When I was around 9, in the middle of the school year my grandma died of a brain tumour, which sucked. I was closest to her than I was to anyone else, including my parents, who I had barely seen my whole life.
    A week after my grandma died, my dad died of a drug overdose (not sure about the details, and I'm not sure when or how my mom died, as I'd never asked my adoptive parents, thinking it would be weird. (I'm gonna do that next time I think about it).
    I spent my schooldays reading novels and drawing instead of doing school work, and my grades were constant bombshells. My parents would keep warning me that if I got bad grades I'd only fail in life, and that **** scared me and stressed me out, but I still didn't apply myself. My relationship with my adoptive parents was pretty lame, and we never got close. I could never get my self to say "I love you"... not even on phone or email.   
    When I came back home after finishing 11th grade my parents kicked me out of the house, after a week, with no warning, and no explanation. I'm pretty sure it was due to their own relationship problems, and they didn't want to deal with me. I'd spend all summers just playing computer games. I spent the rest of that summer at friends houses, NY, TX, CA, then went back to school. I'm now just graduated, living with a classmate in a mini-house his parents own, and am working a pretty lame job. I don't have that much ambition.

I left a lot of the story out, including many key parts, but that is a very short, general way to put it. It looks pretty mild, and I wish it were just what I'd written.

Well... thats all I'm posting, since I feel like I've written too much stuff already anyhow. Whatever. I hope my account was at least somewhat interesting to read, and it would be cool if it suddenly changed someone's life and they became millionaires somehow and credited to a random story on this site... but thats just my random brain spewing nonsense.

Thanks for reading, if you stuck through this far. It is a little long, I know, so you get 2 thumbs up for sticking through the story.
Shinypuddle Shinypuddle
18-21, M
Aug 3, 2007