"Only Boring People Get Bored"

That's what my 3rd grade teacher told me once, and those words have stuck with me.

Any time I find myself feeling like I am getting bored, I start to fidget.  I have so many hobbies!  It's pretty silly, and my apartment reflects that!  Hahaha!  If there is nothing to do, I'll go to the kitchen and make a few resin bracelets, or I will sew something. 

I really don't understand how people can just sit and complain that they are bored.  I mean, even if there is nothing to do at the house, there are parks in pretty much every city that have needs.  They WANT us to go play, or have a picnic!  That's their whole purpose and who are we to deny them this?  ;P

I am just a big fan of fun, so I am always searching for that.  If I find myself bored, then I get depressed and I hate that even more than boredom!


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4 Responses Mar 30, 2008

Good for you!!!! That's awesome!<br />
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I would love to write a book! Someday!!! I have a million ideas whenever I am not around any sort of writing implements, then when I am, my mind goes blank. I WILL succeed! Someday!

"Only un-intelligent people get bored" is what an elder friend once told me. I think the implications are that intelligent people can find interest in anything around them... which is not quite true of me. If I can't find something interesting to analyze or tinker with, I just retreat into my own head. Especially useful in bland waiting rooms.<br />
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I am writing my own book! Yays!

Eeew! Waiting! I hate that! <br />
Yeah, books are excellent for fighting boredom!<br />
<br />
I actually kind of want to write one of my own!

I agree. I am rarely bored, unless I am stuck somewhere waiting for some reason. I usually bring a book with me. I am never bored if I am reading a good book!