She Used to Be a Great Friend...

I have a friend who is a Born Again Christian. Well, she was a friend, anyway. She doesn't talk to me any more. Her father (the one who changed her religion) thinks that I am a bad influence.
Because of a conversation we once had.
About TOYS of all things! Because when I was small, I owned Care Bears and My Little Ponies.
Crazy, I know.

His problem with them is that they lived in the clouds, and that is where God lives.

What he doesn't seem to realise, however, is that they are a made-up story.

I tried to explain that. But then again, maybe that hit a little too close to home for him...
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That's so upsetting, and it sucks that it happened at a young age, because your friend and you should have handled it on your own. It's unfair, really, that people can judge based on things that don't really mean much. Sure having religion in your life can be a good thing, but religion is an opinion. Not everyone believes in God or has the time for God, etc.....doesn't make them a bad person. It makes them a free spirit for having their own opinion. it can actually be a beautiful thing. i'm going through something like that, same concept, and it just really sucks. :/

I had a friend; well I thought she was my friend, who is born again and when I resisted her recruitment efforts it was good riddance to me. It's so sad because she's so brainwashed, without a single thought of her own. Her 6 year old daughter is so amazing and she is even screwing her up with her religious zealotry. Hard to watch and now I don't have to. I'm sorry you too lost a friend this way because it's not easy. I also lost my Aunt to a cult. Thanks religion.

Too bad about losing your friend. Apparently her character is not strong enough to cause her to make her own choices and that your friendship (to HER, not to you) was not strong enough to overcome the influences of her father, whether they be wrong or right.

This reminds me of a friend I had when I was young. Her mother was very religious and she would not allow us to watch Beetlejuice, I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, or even Rugrats because she thought they were blasphemous. If I even mentioned one of these shows she would freak out. However, she did allow us to watch Barney, with a talking dinosaur!??

We had the same problem with my sister-in-law. She is<br />
<br />
a Jehovahs Witness. She has a problem with all of <br />
<br />
those toys. Her kids are really confused because they<br />
<br />
see differences in the family. She doesn't even talk to us <br />
<br />
now......................... We really tried to get along with<br />
<br />
her. Funny thing is she is very materialistic! Drives a<br />
<br />
BMW ect.

Oh. My. God. Maybe I'm naive. Are there really people out there that believe that God 'lives in the clouds' ? <br />
Ignorance is frustrating.

I'm a CHRISTian and I think that was extremely wrong of Him to shun You like that over care bears.I was raised in a Christian home and I played with care bears and My little ponies and cabbage patch kids.The bible says that there are people like that,That will lead others astray.And it also says WHOA to the one that leads children astray or hurts them.<br />
I pray that You will see that not all Christians are like that.I agree with ladyanu and possibly.<br />
You have a bless day.<br />
Oh! something else...He still loves You!...Don't take that offensively,Just speaking the truth.God Bless

ahhh - your blog reminds me, yet again, how hypocritical a lot of the 'born again' faction really are. They claim to be 'good Christians' but they go around saying and doing things that are absolutely NOT good. Your friend needs to find her own way and stop listening to freaks. (even if one of the freaks happens to be her own dad)

Has he ever flown in an airplane where he could look down at the clouds and see that there's nobody in the clouds ?<br />
<br />
Dan Quayle was correct. "A mind is a terrible thing to lose."

ROFL!!!!<br />
<br />
Some Christians make a Horrible reputation for the rest.<br />
<br />
I'm a Born-Again Christian and I loved both The Care Bears and My Little Pony, and I think your friends father should get a life and develop an imagination. If you want the pony's to live in the cloud by all means, They Live on Cloud #9! By the way there are Pony's and Horses in heaven. The Bible even talks about Jesus Riding on one himself. =) <br />
By the way. I'm saved and I read Harry Potter. OMG! <br />
((thunder)) ((lighting))<br />
C'mon. I thought present day Christianity was about saving souls, and changing lives. Not condemning.<br />
<br />

You say you are saved as though you factually know this to be thie case; or is it just your belief?

if you want her friendship try talking to her dad and explain to him. maybe he will come around.

This world is crazy.

friendship goes beyond any religious faith. you don't need to have the same religion to become or to stay friends. if your friend changed the way she treats you because of that, then she is not really your friend.<br />
FAITH and TRUST to the other person is the only thing you need in friendship.

friendship goes beyond any religious faith. you don't need to have the same religion to become or to stay friends. if your friend changed the way she treats you because of that, then she is not really your friend.<br />
FAITH and TRUST to the other person is the only thing you need in friendship.

i had a friend from 5th grade, but while in our mid twenties she was pulled into a born again church that were so narrow you had to go to their little church to go to heaven. she disaplined her kids by telling them they were making jesus cry, what a guilt trip for a 5yo. any way we kept in occ. touch for a couple of years, and now we're good friends again (she now attends a 'mainstream' church. so hang in there you may be friends again. have to share this comment. i asked a born again why she didn't let her kids celebrate halloween, i expcted something about demons or devil. but no. i was told that if the end times came god might not reconize them and they wouldn't be lifted up. how can anyone believe that the one who created the universe and everything in it would be too stupid to reconize who you are under a 1.99 k-mart mask?

It's funny but then again it's not, 'cause you lost a friend over it. I have some Christian friends, good, honest people, I am not a Christian mself but they really do add to society with the way they conduct themselves. It's sad that people have to go so extreme *rolls eyes*

Logic makes no sense to argue with a 'devoted' (ill educated) religious man, perhaps I should say stubborn Cristian 'newbie'. I think people like him don't care to learn thoroughly about the religion they preach before they enforce others to follow a piece of writing that can be personally interrupted so many different ways. People like him get on 'power trips of God's word', and feel good having spirts of 'godliness' to feel power or purpose of feeling like God's right-hand-man. Even though intentions are good, some over zealous Christians will still be wrong, regardless of how you argue, they will stick to their (faithful) guns.<br />
<br />
After all, any argument you say to defend your peace, has a biblical rebuttal in return guaranteed every time hands down, sense or no sense. Cause in the end a Christian's belief is the bible is always right.

..hmm..i think you have your point.. :) but let me tell you this born-again christian can ever represent the whole born again christian community..i mean,that's too overgeneralization..i understand you,coz you have had an unfair experience with a confused christian..but that doesn't mean everyone else is like him..ayt? :)

Funny, to think that a man ( a father no less) would stoop to call someone "a bad influence" over a bunch of toys. I, too, am a christian. Now, I never played with care bears or ponies but that doesn't make you a bad influence. In fact, to stoop to judge you especially over that was wrong on his behalf. Christians, just like everyone else, have no right or reason to judge anyone for anything. We aren't perfect, none of us are no matter what denomination or faith. As for the girl-friend of yours who stopped talking to you because of it HA... forget it. If she chooses to rid herself of someone who could possibly open her mind to something good, then it's her loss. Who are we to judge anyone. I know what it's like to be judged, as a christian I am scrutinized daily for my beliefs and faith. My own mother even looks for ways to call me hypocrite if I mess up and do something wrong. Don't let it get to you, but don't let one experience hinder you from meeting potentially good people who just so happen to be christians as well. We aren't so bad.

I lost a friend the same way - except we were nineteen years old and my friend (the daughter of the recently-converted fundies) had been a bit wild over the years, had broken out and been promiscuous for ages, and she rang me for advice about birth-control. I referred her on to the Family Planning Assoc. (Planned Parenthood) coz I didn't want to see her pregnant or sick - but her mum overheard the conversation and blasted me, saying I was a bad influence! The daughter called ME and we were both adults by then (over 18).

Gosh.That is really some crazy reason to lose a friend over.Crazy dad i must say.

My questions to the father after hearing his faulty logic would have been: Where do the Angels live? Where do good Christian souls go when they die? Do dogs go to heaven? Will you if you think no one or nothing should be there except God?

Kjinx, you posted that....People who don't believe in God are all a-ss-holes and cruel to children.<br />
<br />
That has to be the biggest load of horseshit I've read in quite some time. What a person's religious beliefs are or aren't has nothing to do with how they treat children, animals, or other adults. I've known Athiests who are some of the most kind and gentle people walking this planet. On the other hand, I have also known Christians who are the sorriest excuses for the human race.<br />
<br />
Either you need to get out more or you need to pull those rose colored glasses off your face and get a good dose of reality.

While doing research on another topic, I came across a study graphing measured IQ against stated religious beliefs. Let's see, are any of us surprised by this . . . those who proclaimed themselves atheists, highest IQs -fundamentalists, lowest. The contrast was extremely pronounced. It's like this: people who think for themselves and make decisions based on science and reality are highly intelligent. Those who believe whatever they're told, not so much. Karl Marx was right, religion is the opiate of the masses. Scary.

FYI: This is not uncommon, and I find it a little scary!<br />
<br />
C'mon, people - they're Care Bears! They teach children to be nice, show respect for others, share, and give hugs! <br />
<br />
In my cousin's elementary school, a teacher wanted to bring in a Harry Potter book to read to her class for story time. A bunch of parents raised a huge stink about it because the main characters are apparently "devil-worshipping witches". They of course overlooked the fact that although the storyline includes magic, the book's themes are loyalty, bravery, and integrity. <br />
<br />
The grade school I attended cancelled its it's long-standing tradition of a kindergarten Halloween "parade" this past year. The children would bring their costumes to school, and during what is normally recess, the cute kids would dress up and put on a little parade for the parents and neighboring retirees. It was so much fun, and the kindergarteners loved it! Unfortunately, some militantly Christian parents decided that ghost, witch, goblin, etc. get-ups were "satanic" so the school folded under pressure and ended the parade for good.<br />
<br />
What is this world coming to? Every little bit of fun that children used to be allowed is being demonized by a small group of extremists. I, for one, think it's getting a little out of hand!

I understand how you fill, But it is much more than that. These people want to make us all like them. they are crazy with their beliefs we will have to do as they say our die, Who does that sound like...GOD or DEVIL.

It's okay dude, I loathe you too. ^_^

because of care bears?? My God, was that a dumb man... <br />
About God in the clouds, that was a very archaich viewpoint of jews, which once believed God lived in the clouds and there was no life after death.

there's more than one conversion experience<br />
like former smokers, people who've lost weight, etc. they can be the worst- like their better than everyone else.<br />
but some born agains, xtns, muslims, see satan behind every tree, rainbow, cartoon superhero, etc.

This was just something for someone to feel that he/she is better than others "because". Humans need this feeling...."I am better than you because....." I have blue eyes or blond hair or am tall or strong or nonjudgemental or born again Christian or Muslim or from India.....the list is is so to just walk away (as that really ****** them off). :-)

Definitely the most important thing to take away from this experience is that this guy, no matter what he says, is definitely NOT a Christian. I'm an extremely devoted Christian, but I am of the belief that evil done in the name of God is, in fact, done in the name of the Devil. So, in my opinion, this man, by judging you like he did, is only hurting his own chances of salvation because he is acting as the antichrist. I wonder how he would feel about that?<br />
<br />
Christianity should be only about love, I think. And people [even RELIGION in itself] like this are ruining it.

That born again "christian" father of your friend is totally not Christ-like. How can he be judgemental and "christian" at the same time? A christian is not judgemental. and being judgemental is definitely not christian. I'm Catholic and born again "christians" really ****** me off. they argue as if they're on the right side. they twist bible verses to fit their selfish beliefs..

care bears and my little ponies. your friends father is a clear example of the 'blind leading the blind.' <br />
<br />
but i do agree with ladynau, not all christians are like that. but still, its hard to ignore the ones that are.<br />
<br />
sorry you lost a friend over something so stupid

I had a friend once. He didn't believe in God. He was a complete a-ss-hole and cruel to little children. People who don't believe in God are all a-ss-holes and cruel to children. He's not my friend anymore Isn't that sad?

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Too funny. Not to mention, I don't believe there's any place in the Bible that says "God lives in the clouds." It's just a cultural association people have come to adopt that "heaven" is some mystical land on top of clouds...goes right along with the image of God being an old man with a long white beard.

I'm a Christian and I totally disagree with that Father of hers. That wasn't Christ like of Him to discriminate you for a conversation dealing with Care Bears unless you were like trying to convert her to worship Care Bears which I don't think you did.<br />
<br />
So I would have to say that you have a right to be angry. But not all of us are like that. Its stories like this that misleads people into thinking we're judgemental freaks. And I don't think of myself that way.<br />
<br />
Its not your fault.

WorldWarYou, I think that was hinted at with the line at the end... "But then again, maybe that hit a little to close to home for him...." =)<br />
<br />
Anyway, that's quite an interesting story, to say the least.

"...His problem with them is that they lived in the clouds, and that is where God lives. What he doesn't seem to realise, however, is that they are a made-up story."<br />
<br />
It seems that what he ALSO fails to realise is that GOD is also a made up story.